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4 Wheel Alignment

Our John Bean digital imaging 4 wheel alignment system can ensure we keep your vehicle pointing in the right direction.

There are many benefits of having correct wheel alignment:

  • Reduced tyre wear – Misalignment is a major cause of premature tyre wear as more weight is being placed on one part of the tyre causing that area of the tread to wear faster. Over time, a properly aligned vehicle can add thousands of miles to tyre life.
  • Improved fuel consumption – Misalignment results in increased drag and rolling resistance, on the tyres which lead to decreased fuel economy. Correct wheel alignment along with the right tyre pressures minimises rolling resistance which improves fuel consumption.
  • Save money and the environment – By preventing premature tyre wear (and early tyre disposal) and improving vehicle fuel efficiency, correct wheel alignment means you’ll be spending less on new tyres and fuel while reducing your CO2 emissions. So you’ll have more money in your pocket, plus it helps the environment too!
  • Improved handling – Many handling problems can be corrected by four-wheel alignment, giving you the driver a better and enjoyable driving experience.

Before & After 4 Wheel Alignment

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Fantastic service from professional staff and I would recommend this garage to anyone so if you need your car fixing or an MOT get it booked in

Gordon SmithFacebook

I would absolutely recommend this garage. The staff are polite and was very understanding, at no point did I feel pressured and I was constantly updated on the progress. I will be recommending this place to my friends and family and will be using them for any repairs and services I need in the future. 5 stars all day!!

Craig WilsonGoogle

Good service and a great team.

Leslie PriceGoogle

Brilliant service, better prices

Jared PearceFacebook

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